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Residential complex "Minipolis Dyvnoe" created by STUDIO-TA for "CITY-XXI CENTURY" got shortlisted for URBAN AWARDS 2021


STUDIO-TA got a special mention by the jury of international competition “GOLDEN TREZZINI”

The projects by STUDIO-TA that participated in “Golden Trezzini 2021” showed high results in the voting and received Special Mention diplomas. They are the residential complex “Marinist” in Vladivostok and the sales office for the residential complex “Peredelkino blizhnee” for the company “Absolute Real Estate” in Moscow.

We would like to thank the Organizing Committee, International Council and the jury of the competition, named after the first architect of St. Petersburg Domenico Trezzini, for the high appreciation of our work! Congratulations to all the team members!

  • ”Golden Trezzini” is a competition that has been held under the auspices of the World Club of Petersburgers since 2018. It solves the problem of museification of the most artistically valuable projects in the field of architecture, design, restoration, scenography and museum business. The jury of the competition evaluates the works of the participants-architects from the position of “architecture as an art”.
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Residential complex “Minipolis Dyvnoe” created by STUDIO-TA for “CITY-XXI CENTURY” got shortlisted for URBAN AWARDS 2021

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STUDIO-TA greets upcoming NEW YEAR holidays!